Drive to Earn is Web3.0 project that will revolutionize the drive market.
By using blockchain and IoT technology, we can share revenue with drivers on our blockchain platform.
One step closer to a new world where imagination becomes reality.

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What is Drive to Earn?

About D2E

Drive to Earn(D2E) is a blockchain-based platform
for a new way of earning cryptocurrency by driving.

Goal of D2E

Our goal is to enable all vehicle and drivers to participate in all forms of transportation, from deliveries to complex logistics,
and earn rewards accordingly.

The platform can be used concurrently with existing delivery service apps,
and we aim to compete with them while opening up new opportunities.

Solution Concept
Drive to Earn (DTE) Token
Token Distribution
Drive to Earn

Special Points of DTE

DTE offers a new paradigm for delivering benefits to vehicle operators and motorcycle drivers.

This model encompasses more forms of transportation
than traditional delivery services, and allows drivers to be compensated for participating deliveries based on distance.

Drive to Earn Reward System

Where to Use DTE


Project DTE

The project has introduced a token reward system for participants based on participation and distance traveled.

This system incentivizes participants' activities and contributions to promote the growth and expansion of the project, while providing opportunities for many participants to earn rewards.

Out of a total of 10 billion tokens, 50% of which are allocated to Drive To Earn,
5 billion DTE will be awarded as distance-based DTE rewards upon completion and verification of transportation according to the order.

Road Map & Milestone
User Acquisition Plan