Drive To Earn (D2E) - WhitePaper

1. Introduction

Drive to Earn (D2E) is a blockchain-based platform for a new way of earning money by driving. Our goal is to enable all vehicle and motorcycle drivers to participate in all forms of transportation, from deliveries to complex logistics, and earn rewards accordingly. The platform can be used concurrently with existing delivery service apps, and we aim to compete with them while opening up new opportunities.

In this whitepaper, we will detail D2E's overall business model, technical architecture, market problems and their solutions, key users of the platform, and roadmap.

Drive to Earn (D2E) is a blockchain-based platform that offers a new paradigm for delivery services. Delivery services currently play a pivotal role in many industries, and DTE proposes an innovative approach to this market through blockchain.

DTE is an attempt to revolutionize the delivery business using blockchain technology, which presents a new paradigm that benefits both transporters and regular vehicle and motorcycle drivers. All vehicle and motorcycle drivers will be able to participate in any form of delivery, from simple transportation to complex logistics, and be rewarded based on distance in the process.