Drive To Earn (D2E) - WhitePaper

7. Token

7.1 Token Introduction

The token used in the project is Drive To Earn (token symbol: DTE), which is an ERC-20 token that runs on top of the Polygon layer 2 solution on the Ethereum blockchain.

7.2 Token Features

The DTE token has the following features: image

7.2.1 Payment methods

image DTE tokens are used as a means of payment for goods and services within the project. If users own DTE tokens, they can use them to make mutual exchanges and payments within the platform.

7.2.2 Rewards and Incentives

image The project rewards and incentivizes participants for their contributions by paying out DTE tokens as rewards. Participants will receive DTE tokens based on their activity and contributions within the platform, and if they hold them, they will be eligible for additional benefits and privileges.

7.2.3 Ecosystem

The DTE token is structured to enable business expansion through tokens in the ecosystem when entering markets in continents other than Southeast Asia.

7.2.4 Governance and voting

Holders of the DTE token can participate in voting and decision-making on important decisions for the project. Voting allows participants to voice their opinions on the project's operational direction, suggestions for improvements, and more, directly influencing the project's development and growth.

7.3 Token supply and distribution

7.3.1 Total supply of tokens

The total supply of DTE tokens is set at 10 billion. No additional tokens will be issued.

7.3.2 Token distribution

The distribution of DTE tokens is done in the following way: image

7.3.3 Additional Supply and Token Burn

In addition, depending on market conditions and project operations, token burning may occur, which is done to manage the circulating supply of tokens and stabilize their value.As described in '7.3.2 Token Distribution' for the existing planned token burns: 1. The Ecosystem's 3 billion tokens have a halving policy that will burn 50% of the tokens each year for 10 years after NFT Burn and 3 years. 2. Drive to Earn's plan also includes a burn policy, but details will be released on the website at a later date.

7.3.4 Planning Token Deployment

The distribution of DTE tokens is done in the following way: image

7.4 Drive to Earn

Drive to Earn (DTE) is a project that aims to revolutionize the delivery business by utilizing blockchain technology. DTE presents a new paradigm that benefits carriers and drivers of vehicles and motorcycles. The model encompasses more forms of transportation than traditional delivery services, and allows drivers to earn rewards for participating deliveries based on distance. image

7.5 Drive to Earn Reward System

The project has introduced a token reward system for participants based on participation and distance traveled. This system incentivizes participants' activities and contributions to promote the growth and expansion of the project, while providing opportunities for many participants to earn rewards. 5,000,000,000 DTE, which is 50% of the total tokens of 10 billion tokens allocated to Drive To Earn, will be rewarded with DTE rewards proportional to distance upon completion and verification of delivery (transportation) according to the order.

- Where to use DTE Rewards - NFT purchases - NFT upgrades - Product orders and payments - In-app ad serving - NFT maintenance - Other (more uses to follow in the roadmap)

- DTE NFT - Rewards are categorized according to the level of each NFT, from the basic Lv.0 NFT to Lv.10 NFT, and for each level, the higher the level, the higher the token reward. - Lv.0 NFTs are automatically granted when you sign up for the first time in the app, and you need to upgrade to higher levels of NFTs through mission success and DTE tokens. - NFTs and the reward system based on NFTs will be announced later through the homepage and announcements on each channel

Example) image - Leveling up an NFT requires a few missions and an amount of DTE tokens equal to the table above.
- Each NFT will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, and once the maximum number of NFTs are distributed, no more NFTs will be awarded at that level.
- In order to maintain each NFT on a monthly basis, new missions, minimum delivery distance requirements, referrals, etc. may be added each month.
- Missions will be announced on the homepage and through announcements on each channel at a later date.
- The above table is subject to change depending on the situation.