Drive To Earn (D2E) - WhitePaper

3. Technical architecture

DTE's technology architecture is built by integrating technologies such as blockchain, IoT, and cryptocurrency. We utilize these technologies to automate and make transparent the processes of real-time transportation monitoring, data recording, and reward system management.

3.1 Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the core technologies of the DTE platform. We use blockchain to record all of our drivers' transportation activities and pay them based on them. This record is permanently stored on the blockchain, so drivers can check their activity and compensation history at any time. It's also transparent, which contributes to increased trust between drivers and customers.

3.2 IoT

IoT is the technology used for real-time transportation monitoring and data collection on our platform. We install IoT devices on our drivers' vehicles to collect various information in real time, including the status of the goods being transported, the location of the vehicle, and the speed at which it is traveling. This information is utilized to calculate drivers' compensation, respond to problem situations, and improve service quality.

3.3 Cryptocurrency

DTE uses cryptocurrency to reward drivers. We issue our own cryptocurrency and use it as a reward, which can be freely spent anywhere in the world. This cryptocurrency allows drivers to be directly rewarded for their efforts, which in turn allows them to enjoy a better life.