Drive To Earn (D2E) - WhitePaper

4. Market problems and solutions

The current delivery market has many problems. The supply of services falls short of demand, service quality is poor, customer satisfaction is low, and drivers are overworked. In particular, the compensation drivers receive is not proportional to their efforts and is often undervalued. DTE offers several solutions to address these issues.

4.1 Shortage of service

The delivery market is growing rapidly, but the supply of services is not increasing proportionally. This increases the response time to customer delivery requests and often results in requests being canceled. To solve this problem, DTE seeks to increase supply by applying a wider range of drivers. Anyone with a vehicle can join the DTE platform and offer delivery services. This allows us to improve the supply of services and reduce the waiting time for customers.

4.2 Reduced service quality and customer satisfaction

Currently, the delivery market is experiencing a decline in service quality and customer satisfaction. This is mainly due to the excessive labor and low compensation of drivers. To solve this problem, DTE introduces a fair compensation system, which improves the job satisfaction of drivers. Our compensation system rewards drivers in direct response to their efforts, so they feel that their efforts are appropriately rewarded. This enables us to improve the quality of our services and increase customer satisfaction.

4.3 Diver Overexertion

Many delivery drivers spend an excessive amount of time behind the wheel, which negatively impacts their health and quality of life. To solve this problem, DTE designed its platform to give drivers the freedom to manage their own time. Drivers can work on their own schedule, driving only as much as they need to and using the rest of their time to enjoy their lives or do other things.