Drive To Earn (D2E) - WhitePaper

6. Ecosystem

6.1 Platform users

DTE's ecosystem is largely comprised of drivers and customers. Drivers provide delivery services through the DTE platform and are compensated based on the distance they deliver. Customers request delivery services through the DTE platform and receive rewards or discounts. Our platform facilitates efficient interaction between these two main user groups.

6.1.1 Drivers

Drivers are the core users of DTE, and their role is to provide delivery services. Drivers use their vehicles to fulfill delivery requests from customers, for which they are compensated. Our platform ensures that drivers are fairly compensated for their time and effort. We also strive to improve the quality of life for drivers by designing our platform to allow them to drive on their own schedule.

6.1.2 Customers

Customers are users who request delivery services from the DTE platform. Customers can make a variety of delivery requests through the DTE platform, ranging from food delivery to complex logistics deliveries. Our platform ensures that customers have quick access to a network of drivers and can quickly receive services based on their requests.

6.2 Partnership

DTE is looking to work with various partners to expand our ecosystem and improve our services. These partners can come from a variety of fields, including logistics companies, franchises, restaurants, and supermarkets. Through these partnerships, we can add a variety of delivery requests to our platform and provide more service opportunities for our drivers.
The DTE Platform provides users with various advertising content through advertising partnerships with external companies. These advertisements may include products or services of external companies such as travel, travel packages, franchises, etc. The advertisements may be presented to users in visual or text form within the Platform, and users can click on the advertisement they are interested in to learn more about it.Users who click on the advertisement can purchase the goods or services related to the advertisement through the payment system provided by the DTE Platform. This allows users to conveniently purchase the goods or services they want.

6.4 Big data

The DTE platform provides various advertisements through advertising partnerships and utilizes big data by collecting data from users. This allows us to provide customized services, target ads and make product recommendations, and identify market trends to improve the platform. We prioritize privacy in data collection and utilization, and continuously analyze data for effective marketing and user trust.