Drive To Earn (D2E) - WhitePaper

2. Business model

DTE's business model is based on the idea of "drive to earn". This model encompasses a wider range of transportation services than traditional delivery services, and drivers are compensated for providing these services. This compensation scheme is designed to ensure that drivers are compensated fairly based on their efforts, which in turn ensures that drivers are properly compensated for their efforts and time.

DTE is designed to work with existing delivery service apps, meaning that drivers can earn additional compensation through the DTE platform while also offering their services on existing delivery apps. This allows drivers to earn more money, which contributes to ensuring better service quality and customer satisfaction.

w DTE's plan for the next few years is to attract users from existing delivery services to use our app for both ordering and delivery, and to become a competitor and partner in the evolution of the market away from proprietary existing well-known delivery service apps.